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tdp-0 desktop tablet press pill press with one set of dies mold

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Hand Held Pill Press Machine is only fitted a pair dies, the depth of filling, the material thickness of the tablets can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of pressing the pharmaceutical industry, medicine tablet pressing requirements and other requirements of the various sectors of similar products, by the majority of the industrial users.

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Performance of Hand Held Pill Press :

Easy to use,
Easy maintenance,
Small size,
Can also be hand-piece without electricity.

TDP-0 cranked single punch tablet press:
Production capacity: 30-50 tablets/minute (based on personal hand speed)
The maximum compression pressure:                15 kN
Tablet diameter range: 5-10mm
Maximum tablet thickness: 2-6mm
Machine weight: 20kg
Dimensions: 36cm x 28cm x 45cm

 How fast can handheld pill press machine go? 

Features of handheld pill press.

handheld pill press can a variety of granular, crystals or free-flowing powder material compressed into a disc-shaped, cylindrical, spherical, convex, concave and other various geometric shapes (such as square, triangle, oval, capsule-shaped, etc.), but also to suppress with text, trademarks, logos of products, suitable for pharmaceutical, health products, food, agriculture, chemicals, electronics, batteries, ceramics and other industries as metallurgy small batch production and scientific research and experimental teaching. The machine is only fitted a pair dies, the depth of filling material, the pressing thickness can be adjusted, that is the product of the weight, thickness, and hardness can be adjusted, as long as the replacement of different molds can suppress different products.

TDP 0 Tablet Press In Use

This tablet press is exceptionally easy to use, and despite its small size, it offers a number of advantages that distinguish it from the comparable machine.

To run the pill press by hand you simply place the raw materials in the cone-shaped container, then grasp the wheel and turn it gently. Your newly made tablets will then show up, can be bottled, no need for polishing.It is a simple process that anyone can learn quickly. If you are just making a few tablets this simplicity really comes into its own and is a key feature of the machine.

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All tablet press machine comes with a set of dies.

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