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Tablet press ZPW41/ZPW47/ZPW 55 rotary tablet press pill Press,41/47/55 set Punch Die .100-120kn Pressure ,98000/200000/220000 pills/ h, 380V 50Hz

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This machine is automatic rotation continuity tablet press, with double pressing and double outlets. It can make round, irregular medical tablet, sugar candy, calcium tablets, etc, by pressing granular materials. It is suitable for a wide range of production in large or small batches, mainly for the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the chemical, food, electronics and other industries. This machine is suitable for the pressing of pelletized raw materials (within the pressure range of the machine) and containing no more than 10% of powder (100 mesh or more). It is not suitable for semi-solid, wet particles, low melting point and moisture-prone raw materials and powder without granules.


1.The internal countertop is made of stainless steel and the surface of the turntable specially treated to maintain the surface gloss and prevent cross-contamination, in line with GMP requirements.

2, Doors and windows with clear glass can clearly observe the state of the tablet, and all four doors and windows can be opened for easy internal cleaning and maintenance.

3, The control and adjustment sections are well laid out and easy to operate.

4, It adopts stepless speed regulation of frequency converter, which is easy to operate, stable in operation, safe and reliable.

5, Equipped with overload protection device, when the pressure is overloaded, it can automatically stop and unload, which can effectively avoid damage to the machine and mold.

6, The transmission system is enclosed in the oil tank below the main body of the machine. It is a separate and closely spaced component that does not cause oil contamination. The oil pool infiltrated by the transmission parts is easy to dissipate heat and wear, which can extend the life of the machine.

7, The machine is specially equipped with a dust suction device, which can absorb the dust flying in the pressing chamber and recycle it.

8, Equipped with a pre-pressing device for materials that are difficult to press.

Optional: 1. PLC and touch screen control, which can display and set various parameters conveniently and, and is easy to operate.

2.Can be equipped with forced feeding device.

Model ZPW41 ZPW47 ZPW55
Dies 41 47 55
Outer Dia. Of Middle die(mm) 36 30.16 26
Max. Dia . Of Tablet(mm) 25 18 13
Max.Depth of Fill(mm) 18 19 19
Max.Pressure (kn) 120 100 100
Max. Pre-compression Force(kn) 20 20 20
Turret Speed(rpm) 20 35100 35
Capacity (PCs/hs) 98000 200000 220000
Main power 11KW 380V 50Hz 7.5KW 380V 50Hz 7.5KW 380V 50Hz
Overall size (mm) 1430×1120×1800 1430×1120×1800 1430×1120×1800
Weight (kg) 3000 2600 2600
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