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ZP-9E rotary tablet press manual
Operation Manual
ZP-9E rotary tablet press
1.  Products introduction
The utility model relates to a single pressure rotary tablet press, which is used for pressing the raw material into various tablets. It is mainly used in the production of pharmaceutical tablets, while suitable for chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors. The system uses PLC control, touch screen can display the working table speed.
2.  Technical parameter
Model ZP-9E
Dies (sets) 9
Max. PressureKn 50
Max. Dia. of tabletmm 12(abnormity14)
Max. Filling Depthmm 15
Max.Thickness of largest tabletmm 6
Turret speedr/min 30
Production capacitypcs/h 16200
Motor PowerKw 1.5
Overall sizemm 480*630*1100
Net weightKg 220

3.  Installation, Adjustment and Operation
3.1.  Installation and Adjustment of Press Die
3.1.1.Preparation before press installation: dismantle the material bucket and the feeder. Open the right door, rotate the handwheel to clean the turret operating surface, press hole and the press to be installed. Rotate the pressure adjusting handwheel to adjust the pressure to the minimum level. Dismantle the lower press loading/unloading track.
3.1.2. Installing the middle die: Unscrew the middle press fixing screw about 1mm out of the outer circle of the turret, take care not to contact with the powder suction nozzle and other parts, to the extend the middle press when installing shall not contact the top of the screw. As the middle die is very tight, place it stably, insert the smashing rod into the press hole and hammer it in gently. When the middle die is in the die hole, its plane shall not be higher than the turret plane, and finally, tighten with the screw.
3.1.3. Installing the upper press: Dismantle the inlaid tongue, insert the upper press lever into the hole, rotate the press lever with the thumb and the index finger, to check the flexibility of the upward/downward movement of the head in the middle die, there shall be no clogging. Then turn the handwheel to the press lever to contact the parallel track. After completing the installation of the upper press lever, install the inlaid tongue.
3.1.4. Installing the lower press: install as per the method for the upper press, and
 install  the lower press on the loading/unloading track.
3.1.5.Commissioning: after installing all the dies, turn the handwheel to make the turret rotate 2 circles, observe the operation of the upper/lower press levers in the middle die hole and on the tracks. There shall be no clogging or collision. Pay attention to the upmost point (i.e. tablet release point), it shall be 0.1  0.3mm higher than the turret operation surface. Close all the doors, start the motor to run without load for 2 minutes, and the machine can be put into use after the normal operation.
3.2. Installation and adjustment of feeder: install the feeder on the carriage, fix with the knurled screw, then adjust the adjusting screw to make the spacing between the feeder bottom and the turret operation surface as 0.05  0.1mm, and tighten the knurled screw. Adjust the height of the powder scrapping plate to make the bottom plane aligned with the turret operation surface, then tighten with screw.
3.3. Adjustment of feeding amount: It is controlled by the adjustment handwheel installed at the right side in front of the machine, with the indication symbols at the side of the handwheel. The feeding amount decreases when the handwheel rotates in the clockwise direction; and the amount increases when the handwheel rotates in the counterclockwise direction. There shall be enough grains in the feeder when making the adjustment, and the adjust the pressure to ensure the sufficient hardness of the tablets to facilitate the weighing.
3.4. Adjustment of tablet thickness (pressure): It is controlled by the adjustment handwheel installed at the left side in front of the machine, with the indication symbols at the side of the handwheel. The tablet thickness decreases (the pressure increases) when the handwheel rotates in the counterclockwise direction; and the tablet thickness increases (the pressure decreases) when the handwheel rotates in the clockwise direction. When the feeding amount is adjusted, the thickness and the hardness of the tablet shall be checked and the appropriate fine adjustment shall be made until it is complied.
3.5. Powder supply adjustment: Upon adjustment of the feeding amount, adjust the grain flow. First unscrew the bolt at the side of the bucket carriage, then adjust the adjusting bolt on the bucket carriage to adjust the distance from the bucket mouth to the turret operation surface, to the extend the storage amount of grains at the feeding mouth will not overflow. Tighten with screws after the adjustment.
3.6. Speed selection: The method for speed adjustment is very simple. The rotation speed shall increase when turning the adjusting button in the clockwise direction, and the speed shall decrease when in the counterclockwise direction. The key point is the selection of the speed, which is directly related to the service life of the machine, the tablet weight and quality. As there are the differences in the nature, viscosity, water content and the grain diameter distribution of the grains, the tablet diameter and the pressures, no uniform requirements are made for the speed selection, which can only be determined as per the actual situation and the experience of the technical personnel. However, in general, when pressing the materials with higher content of mineral and plant fibers, in large tablet diameter or poor adhesiveness, it is better to adopt the low speed for pressing the tablet and the maximum speed cannot exceed 25 turns/minutes. In contrast, when pressing the materials with good adhesiveness and flow rate, in small tablet diameter and easily molded, the high speed can be adopted. And the optimal tablet pressing speed can be realized through trials and adjustments. It is recommended that the rotation speed for the continuous pressing shall not exceed 80% of the maximum rated rotation speed.

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