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ZP 9 Rotary Tablet Press Users’Manual
ZP-9 is miniaturization machine that compared to the more punch tablet press, and make a further improve on the basis of the original model, solve the shortcomings of the original model. It is mainly applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other technology of the industrial sector, small batch production.

Main Technical Parameters
Model ZP-9
Die No. 9
Max. pressure of tablet(KN) 40
Max. dia. of tablet (mm) 12
Max. thickness of tablet (mm 6
Max. depth of filling (mm) 15
Max. throughput (10000 / h) 1.62
The work dia. of turntable (mm) 200
Turntable rotation speed (r / min) 0-30
Dia. of mode (mm) 26
Height of mold (mm) 22
Dia. of upper and lower punch (mm) 22
Length of upper and lower punch (mm) 115
Outline dim.(mm) 480×635×1100
Weight (kg) 180
Motor Power (Kw) 1.5
Voltage (V) 220
Installation and Uses
  1. Installation and Adjustment of the Die:
1.1. The preparations of installation the die: Remove the hopper and feeder. Open the right door; turn the hand wheel to clean the turntable, the hole of die and the die which need be installed.
Rotating pressure to regulate the hand wheel, the pressure transferred to the minimum; remove the lower punch loading and unloading track.
1.2. The installation of intermediate mould: Unscrew the fixed screw of turntable intermediate mould, make the fixed screw beyond the outer turntable about 1 mm and do not collide with the smoke powder nozzle and other parts. It is would be better that there is no collide between intermediate mould and the head of screw. The installation of intermediate mould devices is tighter, and should place it steady, insert the die into the hole. Intermediate mould plane is not higher than the turntable plane, and then fix the screw.
1.3. The installation of upper punch: Remove the embedded tongue first, and then insert the upper punch bar into the hole. With the thumb and index finger spin punch, and test its flexibility, it is qualified if there is no jammed phenomenon. After the installation of upper punch bar, install the embedded tongue.
1.4. The installation method of lower punch bar is according to the upper punch bar. After the installation of lower punch bar, install the lower punch loading and unloading track.
1.5. Trial of running: After installation of whole set of mould, rotary the hand wheel, so that the turntable rotating two cycles, and observe the operation that upper and lower punch insert into the die hole and orbit. It is qualified that there is no jammed phenomenon and collision phenomenon. Note that the highest point (the tablets discharging place) should be 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm higher than the turntable surface. Close all doors and turn on motor, running the machine that of no materials in for 2 minutes, after the machine is running stable, then the user can use this machine.
2. Installation and Adjustment of Feeder
Install the feeder on the feeder rack, and screw the knurled screw, then adjust the adjustment screw again, which will make the gab between the bottom of feeder and turntable is 0.05 ~ 0.1 mm. Tighten the knurled screw, and then adjust the scraping powder board, so that the base plane of scraping powder board is flush with the turntable, tighten the screws.
3. Adjustment of the Filling
User can adjust the filling by hand wheel that is in the right front of the machine, there is indication sign on the hand wheel. When rotate the hand wheel clockwise, the filling amount decreased. On the contrary, it increased. User should pay attention that there is enough particle in the feeder, at the same time regulating the pressure so that the tablet has sufficient hardness to weight.
4. Adjustment of Tablets Thickness (Pressure)
Adjust the tablets thickness (pressure) by control the hand wheel that installed in the left front of machine, there is indication sign on the hand wheel. When rotating the hand wheel counter-clockwise, tablet thickness is decreased (pressure increased), on the contrary, tablet thickness is increased (pressure decreased). When the filling volume adjustment is established, check the tablet thickness and hardness, and then make appropriate adjustment, so that it is qualified.
5. Adjustment of Input Powder Volume
After the filling volume is properly adjusted, adjust the flow of particles. First, release the screw that on the side of ladder, and then rotating the adjustment screw, adjust the distance between the mouth of hopper and the turntable, and its distance would be qualified if the particle wont overflow the hopper mouth, after adjustment, tighten the screw.
6. Speed Options
Speed regulation method is relatively simple, when clockwise rotate the adjustment button, the speed is increased, on the contrary, it is decreased. The key is that the speed options have direct effect on the machine’s service life, film weight, and the quality of tablets.  As the particle properties, viscosity, water content, particle size, dia. of tablets and the pressure is different,  it can not be uniform requirements, can only according to the actual situation and let the technical experience make a decision. But generally, if press the mineral, or the materials of larger plant fiber content, larger size of tablets and the poor viscosity, users should adopt the low-pressure tablets, maximum speed are generally not more than 25 rev / min. Co nversely, if press the particles of good viscosity, good fluidity, small piece diameter and easy-forming, user can select high speed, the best speed can be got through the tablet pressure test and adjustment. If you continually operate the machine, the speed should not beyond 85% of the maximum rated speed.
 Operation of Electric
Operation steps: Open the electric box door, turn on the power switch, and the indicator of control panel will light, press the "run" button, slowly rotating the frequency conversion knob, the speed will gradually increase. If necessary, you want to emergency stop, press the "stop "button and the machine will immediately stop running. After the end of the tablet press process, open the door to cut off electric power supply.

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