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pill press model

Our rotary presses are designed for the business that is looking to scale up its production.
Whether you are pressing, tablets, pills, pellets, glass preforms, ceramics or chemicals we have the press that is right for you, zp9,zp35,zpw40d and so on.
zp9 are the most popular machine in the market, it's small, competitive at price, high output.

With multiple tooling stations that offer fast production speeds, from 20,000 tablets per hour up to hundreds of thousands, Rotary Tablet Presses are the mainstay of commercial tablet production. Thanks to their efficiency and high production volumes these machines offer low unit costs and minimal operator overheads. 

We can ship these machines by air or by ocean.
We can ship them to worldwide.
You could contact with us for more details about the machines, 
Our email is yk@yolimachine.com, whatsapp 8615815351839, wechat 15815351839